Publications and Prizes

1-Tongues Anthology- by Iconau Press [isbn 978-1-907476-05-1] Story entitled "Bootings"

2-Painting with words- by United Press Poem entitled "Porous" (page 31)

3-Wemoon diary 2014 Story entitled "Bootings" 2014 [ISBN 978-1-890931-88-9]

4-Postscripts to Darkness, edited by S Moreland and A Ahmad  [isbn 978-0-9812731-3-6] Story entitled "New God" (page 90)

5-Don't Let me Go - poetry collection chapbook self published

6-Two poems, the City park and Blue published in 

7-Dumb waiting

8- the City Park poem won a competition

9- Loser, aka Bright and sharp is the call of the bell; hard and smart is its sting. 
published in June 2014 glitterwolf online magazine. 

10-second prize in tweeting competition June 2014

Poppy Poppy 
Hello, a quick msg to say congratulations! You won 2nd prize (£10 waterstones voucher) in our micro poetry competition for your entry 7 June
09:16 AM - 01 Aug 14

11- Been featured again on the Febulous February Blog, this time twice!


12-Friday 10 June

13-November 2016
Song of the gulf of Boni (Bone) published in Not a Drop-oceans of poetry
Beautiful Dragons Collaborations
ISBN  978-1-78280-941-8

Days 25 and 21 and 19 of Feb 2017

January 2018
You Can't Kill the Spirit
published in Noble Dissent
Beautiful Dragons collaborations
ISBN 978-1-4276-5603-2

Feb 2 2018 Out in the City also known as Lesbian Shoes published as part of Febulous February blog

Feb 3 2018 Poem 'Roots'
in I am not a silent poet

Feb 2018
'Looking for love in empty spaces' chapter 1 of London dyke

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