Wednesday, October 11, 2006

majikle: october006

majikle: September 2006

well autumn now coming on full
big splashings of lightening flashing rain
living under a big old oak on top of a hill i have to be willing to let go, if i get hit i get hit.
would be a fabulous way to go
a blaze of glory
a story for friends to tell their families
ah the lure of fame, would i die for it?
hope not just for it
but happy to die,
feel good about the life i live
ready to leave if my name gets called
not willing to rage against the dying of the light
anyway is autumn always taking us inside away from the brightside?
college is a trip, twenty years on and i am feeling strange, tried to go to the lesbian gay bisexual group meeting but hid my head and dashed out shy!
Still, they say a good writer is a person failed in other things, a sort of consolation prize for being single and introverted.
but lying in bed for as long as i want to getting up early to watch the dawn without worrying about waking my moody girlfriend is treasure
Miss kissing tho.
late blossom of pink blooms on my steps
i saw my truck from the other side of my fence
thought if i didn't live there
i would be so jealous of the woman who did
hows that for in the place to be
big lovehug