Monday, October 21, 2013


Saying goodbye to the summer
With an empty glass in her hand,
Wondering what salutation to say
As she watches the leaves drift and land,
Is it better to have laughed and then lost it
Or to never to have peeled off her clothes to bathe in that bay

The carpet of lawn grass is thinning
Revealing dark wet earth below,
Frigid fingers of wind pull her hair now
Where once in warm waters it floated away,
With layers of protection receding
Stones that bite into feet start to show

As a new season approaches
She hopes for things to be gained,
Warm fires and cosy gatherings with
Hot buttered toast loaded with jam,
Appreciating the support of other people
With a new garden yet to be planned

But today with the past not quite behind her
She grieves for the losses ahead,
The feel of soft skin plumpness
Running in air full of animal sun,
Waking into the joy of bright lightness
And anticipations still yet to come