Tuesday, July 19, 2016

All of Love is Opportunity

I’m  lost   
in  this  thickening  
fog  of expectations  
fermenting  beyond  their  prime  
on  who  said  what  to  who  again  
and  why? 
as  though  
if  we  can  just  unpick
the   blame  thread  
we  can  each  hold  up  our own  head  
and  cry  righteous  tears  
about   our  un-dead  love  
still the only thing
we  both  know  
is  what  we  can’t  let  go  
because  once  it  was  the  only  show  
we  wanted  to  watch  
but  now  it  is  a  stale  rerun  
of  knots  that  have  been  undone
longer  than  either  of  us  wanted  to  believe 
because  all  love of is  opportunity
 Even  when the  sheets  are  clean  
never  to  get  dirty again  
and  all  this  linen  we  keep  trying  to wash  is
stained  indelibly  with  us  
but  even so  I  fear  
our  hearts  will  never  be  reopened  
after  all  this  vinegar  soaking
because unless  we  stop  provoking  
all  that  we  ever had  will  be  tossed  
like  leaves  plucked  off in  summer  
never  to  let  the  tree  recover  
so if  I  don’t  want  to  be  lovers  
doesn’t mean  
I  don’t  still  love us