Thursday, July 17, 2014

A to Z of kisses

A is for an anonymous stranger coming close,
B is for the brief air breeze that wakes me from a doze.
C is for curtness, colder than a cut
D is for dangerous, the kiss that stops a ‘but’.
E is for empty, it’s in the kisses that you can tell
F is for frenzied ones that make soft lips swell.
G is for those guzzling with rude sucky noises,
H is for horrid
I is for insisting that I join in,
J is for the juvenile, sloppy learning mess.
K is for the killer kiss that leads your heart astray.
L lingers lazy on my sheets all day.
M is for the memorable kisses that never go away.
N is for the noses getting in the way,
O is for opening up to let a woman inside
P is for passionate roaring pleasure with lipstick applied.
Q is for those quizzical kisses searching for information.
U for something understood, silent and patient.
V is a vicious stinging, deep in a darkened bed,
W is wet and slippery desire being fed.
X for who like lips spiced with extra lust,
Y is for yes and finally consenting to feel
Z is for the zenith, climax of the zeal.