Monday, August 27, 2012

baby peace

Baby Peace

When two tribes try to occupy the same piece of land
And get to fighting over the resources

Women begin to exchange their children at birth
Slipping out sobbing to the borders clutching precious gifts

Howling children are entrusted to other tearful mothers
Who know that water must be shed so that blood is not

As the peace babies grow
Gazing into faces they understand

Songs are sung to them of how they healed divisions
Of how much their brave families loved them to let them go

Of another tribe to which they used to belong
Where now there is only one.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

i am porous

I am porous

I am porous
There are holes in my floor where animals climb in
Climb in and scratch about looking for food
I try to fill up the holes with my belongings
But strange things are getting in

A homing pigeon speckled green with frightened eyes
Her harness coming off her wing
Inside are notes between people I don’t know
Hungry, I pore over them 

The other animals want to take from me
But this pigeon wants my help
Her mission is honourable
In service to lovers
If I help her she can carry on.