Friday, January 17, 2014

goggle box

goggle box
by majikle

My TV is a pit-bull dog
Locking on its jaws,
It is a stealthy burglar
Rifling through my drawers

My TV is a space alien borg
All futility of resistance,
It’s hydroponic dopey skunk with
No points for persistence

My TV is a car alarm
Drowning out other creatures,
It’s a coke-a-cola sugar rush
Disguised with social features

My TV is air conditioning
Taking over from a real sky,
It’s an earworm of a lyric
That has no one shouting “why?”

My TV is a stringy thong
With no sympathy for soft tissue,
It is an endless row of chain link fence
When pushing together is the issue

My TV was not born bad,
 It’s the best oracle I ever had
But so much is only tinsel dust,
And desire isn’t love; it’s just lust.