Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Opposite of Jealousy is Compersion

My girlfriend is a warm wide sea
Where other people swim, besides me.
Her rising tides bring such unseemly bliss
That even if I could deny them this,
Why would I?

Capitulating slowly to her insistent waves
Steals us away to exciting nights and carnal days.
The roll of her storms are exhausting but,
They take us further than we’ve ever got

My lover’s love is deep cleaning for the mind and skin
There is room for everyone to just dive in.
Her briny buoyancy holds our bodies up
In gravity defying, floating open sup
Of generosity

So if I chance to hear her mermaids call
As someone else unburies her treasure haul
Even if I can’t share those salty kisses
Who profits from her happiness’s?
But me?


pauline said...

very visual and sexual, it is a very intimate and honest piece of work

fire.sparkle said...

Love this. You've found a beautiful lyrical voice in this poems no yes, it really speaks its words clearly. Nice one!

fire.sparkle said...

"... in this poem. And yes, it really speaks..."